Jumaat, 31 Oktober 2008


alhamdulillah, fortunately, what I've written in my last entry didnt come true.. the thing is, the application for study leave meant for those who wanted to do locally.. the dean informed me that allocation for overseas study is not out yet.. so, I got plenty of time to think about a good proposal. and alhamdulillah, Allah has guided me through this obstacle.. I even manage to call a prof on Wednesday (I really dont know what this will cost me.. hehe.. later need to pay to school) asking some idea on current geotechnical research interest. He seem a very nice person. We talked about 15minutes on phone.. and he's keen to help me.. If Allah allows, than next year we'll be here!!!! mind you guys, i havent finalised my phd place yet.. so, doa everyone, please.. so I can go here.. amin!
kalau terer sila la teka.. ki ki ki
so, today, few of my friends who applied for study leave are going for an interview.. kak aizam n sayuti, I wish you guys all the best! (I know you'll be reading this kak aizam.. hehe) InsyaAllah.. Allah will help us through..

just to update something about aiman.. lately, his cheekiness has become unevitable.. he's now clearly can say mama.. which I'm very very pleased.. and still can't pronounce papa yet.. sorry pa, it's my time now.. kih kih kih.. yesterday, I caught him on camera concentrating watching thomas n friends.. which of course is his fav cartoon.. khusyuk sampai tak sedar tak ada orang.. I asked papa to bring him out.. really pity him for not having a time outside the house as both of us are very busy lately.. sorry sayang.. in 2 weeks time i'll promise we'll make time for you.. maybe a quick holiday? (papa, please read this.. hehe) so, enjoy this pictures.. I'll catch up with blogging later.. have to attend a meeting at 10.. hehehe..

busted! hehehe.. psst, jangan tengok kawasan sepah2 tu.. mama dah tak larat nak buat apa dah.. semua barang dia

ha ha! suke sangat la tu dapat main air..

cepat la hujung minggu.. nak rehat sikit.. *sorry article lately in english.. practicing my ielts next week.. huhu

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