Isnin, 27 Oktober 2008

how i spent my weekend

on our way to jusco seberang jaya
puas hati la kira cik abang ni jalan2 semalam

this weekend i promised myself to make full use of it.. as the whole week i was too busy to spent good time with aiman, i promise him that saturday would be his day!! so yesterday, mama and papa devoted all our time for aiman.. play with him.. fed him.. and take him out for our monthly shopping.. he seemed very happy.. we take him to the new jusco in seberang jaya.. the shopping space is quite ample.. so aiman had his fun time.. wandering around jusco.. huhu.. being cheeky is really his best attribute.. wonder where that came from.. hahaha..

kek lapis asam.. nyum nyumm

yesterday.. i managed to bake kek lapis asam.. it's my MIL recipes.. turned out very well that half of it has finished by today.. hahaha.. only managed to bring 1/4 of the cake to reen's openhouse.. kih kih.. the recipe for the cake is very easy.. but the waiting for each layer to cook was quite exhausting.. but mind you guys.. that i really love to cook.. so, waiting was just a piece of cake.. cakap bosa la pulok.. kuikuikui..
today, i cooked curry mee before we headed to reen's house.. but unfortunately, the noodle was full of boric acid that after i washed it, it turned red!!! so, the noodles dump into the trash can and i kept the gravy for tomorrow morning's breakfast..
right now, it's almost midnight, me, papa and mak teh are enjoying MammaMia Movie.. hehehe.. Meryl Streep acting is soooo damn goood!!! ooppss.. excuse my language.. and i told papa that we really need to brush up all our ABBA lyrics!!! why?? because, me, papa n wancu nana are going to watch ABBA musical!!! yeay!!! really can't wait!! we bought the tickets last 3 weeks.. it was quite expensive for a third-row seat ticket.. but really, based on all comments by those wo already watched it, i think it will be worth.. we're going to watch the play on new year!! yip yip.. can't wait!! i need to start singing now.. dancing queen, winner takes it all, mamma mia (of course!!!) etc.. banyak nyaaaaa... if arwah emak is here, i will take her to watch it.. she's really a big friend of ABBA.. hoho..
can't wait for the new year to come

so, ok.. got to go now.. am going to do movie marathon tonight.. it's going to be a blast!!!

*mamma mia, here i go again, my my, how can i resist you!!

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