Jumaat, 19 Disember 2008

gomen hosp or private?

in choosing the best hospital, one tend to overlook some things that sometimes doesn't even cross our mind during that particular mishaps/ accidents/ trauma or whatever people do call it.. that's what happened to my SIL... pity her.. right now she's in big dilemma in choosing the right paed/ paed surgeon for his son..

those who are close to me (read: my family) would know about my nephew's problem.. he was born with bladder problem (please correct me if i'm wrong kak mas.. yes peep, my SIL name is mas too.. huhu) so, since birth, he had difficulties with his diet as well as digestion system.. thru ops, doc managed to repair it and he already able to "do the business" as usual.. but sadly, he still can't tolerate most food that a 5 year old kid eats.. he normally take his milk and biscuits for his meal.. maybe he's afraid of getting sick if he eats a lot.. and that can be seen to his body frame.. seriously, aiman's thigh is bigger than his arm.. normally, when he doesnt eat, he'll get stomach wind easily (of course you might say) and you guys can imagine being a small frame boy, he's stomach will become big like balloon.. seriau tengok..

things get worse last 2 days.. he was admitted to a****g p****i for having irregular heartbeat.. BP dia tinggi.. so, my SIL brought him to that hospital as he already undergone his stomach surgery before.. however, things turn out pretty odd as his past document is missing!! my SIL already smell some rotten during their last visit as the doc hesitated to gave her permission to have copy of his son's document.. it's really weird when a mother is denied permission to have a look at his own son's record.. what made thing worst, he was treated for his stomach wind rather than his irregular heartbeat this time around.. and my SIL insisted on knowing the reasons for his sickness but the doc refuses to tell her.. that make it two time weirder than the last time..

she also told me that it was funny too when the general practitioner at the ER suddenly gelabah tak tentu pasal and start to call a paed.. seriously, what was the doctors thinking while checking on her son?? can you imagine having 2 doctors at the same time checking a 5 year old boy!! one is busy checking his irregular heartbeat and the other one is checking his stomach.. both at the same time.. one doctor inserted tube to transfer blood (as his blood count drops from normal person 12 to 3.3) while the other one inserted another tube for drip and laxative.. aiyayayaya.. can u imagine the boy's nerve.. if it was me, surely i'll scream my heart out man!!

my nephew was warded for a night.. we suggested they tried another paed as the paed at a****g p****i didn't consult my SIL eventhough she kept insisted on knowing her son's condition!! they kept on saying that he need to be treated at their hospital rather than giving answers why her son's heartbeat suddenly jumped up and why did he turned blue.. they sent some of his blood to test if he got thalasemia or other blood disease.. my SIL tak puas hati.. she intended to get other paed's view, so she said that she wanted to take his son back.. but the doc refuses to let him go.. my SIL told the doc that she wanted to go to another hosp and the doc kept asking where to.. so she just said HUKM.. he finally said yes and gave my SIL a ref letter.. he even left 1 needle at my nephew's hand just to ensure that he'll be coming back.. thank goodness my SIL did persuade a nurse to take out the needle and she take away her son like a fugitive running from treatment.. all in all with RM1800 terbang, they still have no clue whatsoever happened to their son..

she called me just now to ask how the procedure to go to HUKM.. I told her how the process is.. for your information, Aiman also has had treatment at HUKM regarding his lump (cyst) near his eye (which he still has it because we dont want to do the op yet as he's still a baby).. we actually has visited a couple of doctor about that and a doctor at Damai Specialist refered us to HUKM.. I'll blog about it later.. but, to think about it, sometimes we tend to think that pvt hosp can give us the best.. but we should know better that most gvt hosp already have the best specialist.. sometimes, the pvt hosp charges us with ridiculous amount of money which it wasn't suppose to be.. but being a business oriented hosp, they tend to do that.. so, i guess it comes back to us to decide where should we go, right.. if we are covered by ins, than surely you can go to a pvt hosp.. otherwise, if you dont have enough money, you should try to avoid them.. bengkok seh!!

owh, btw, my nephew is still recuperating at his home.. please make a doa for him.. so that he can be cheerful as he is before.. amin. if you guys have any suggestions on choosing a good paed surgeon, please inform me.. tq

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